2017 Prom Nail Trends

Just like hair and make-up, you can use your nails to express yourself. Prom is one of those memorable moments where you have the chance to show off your own style in a high fashion way. Your personal style should always include consideration of your beauty look when you’re picking out what to wear and preparing everything for the important night. When you have selected the perfect prom dress and figured out the direction in which you’ll be taking your beauty, don’t forget to include nails too.

Read on as we breakdown the top prom nail trends for the year to come. What’s trending in the nail world often reflects wider beauty and fashion trends, so you’ll have style literally at your fingertips if you decide to try out one of these top nail ideas for 2017.

Going Natural 

You’ll need to decide if you’ll use your natural nails or opt to add faux nails. If you can grow your nails yourself (nail biters beware!), going natural is a great option. Invest in a great cuticle oil and nail clippers so you can add shine to your nails and make them extra healthy before prom. You’ll also need to perfect creating the tip yourself and decide which tip shape you prefer: you can choose from rounded, peaked, square and more. You can always get a professional to assist you if you want to make sure they’re perfectly polished.

Faux Options

Adding faux nails is another option – and you can choose from gel and acrylic, as well as several other alternatives. There are a few advantages to this option – they’ll last longer, will be more chip-resistant and will also have a more flawless and uniform look. You also don’t have to  worry about a bad paint job if you buy pre-painted designs.  You have the option to get these professionally applied at a salon, or you can experiment with applying these yourself too.

2017 Nail Trend #1: Metal Nails

One of the biggest trends for the year ahead is metal-look nails. This includes gold, silver, platinum, steel, etc. The idea is to create the illusion that your nails are made from metal; a look that can be achieved in a number of ways. A glossy finish metal-tone nail polish will transform your talons to look reflective and metallic. You can also find faux nails that will have this strong metal appearance. This bold nail look is unique because you can pair it up with the metal of any jewelry you select to add some coordination – you can also add a metal-inspired eye-shadow or lip look! This nail trend pairs up well with blush, lavender and other floral-inspired dress shades too.


2017 Nail Trend #2: Embellished Nails

Embellished nails are another huge trend to take note of for 2017. Gone are the days when nails were just a simple block of color – nail pros nowadays know that there can be a lot more artistry involved. Hit up a trendy nail salon to find increasingly elaborate embellishments and appliqué stickers that will take your nail game up to a whole new level.

Gold foil, crystals, pearl and metallic embellishment stickers will add a unique and customized edge to your nail look. Just select a great base color first and coordinate with the embellishments you want to add on top. You can apply a clear/transparent nail finish to the top to hold everything firmly in place. If you’re artistic and want to add a personalized message or design, you can even embellish the look with a nail lacquer pen in a contrasting color yourself.



2017 Nail Trend #3: Mix’n’Match Nails

Mixing and matching finishes makes for a bold nail look – and it also means you can put together several different tones and trends together in one look. To steal this style, pick colors from your dress, accessories and makeup and track down the closest nail color match so everything will coordinate together.

Try selecting a mixture of matte, glossy and glitter polish finishes and have fun applying on any nails you want. To take this trend up a level and bring the mixed nails together, you could add matching tips or other embellishments. Adding a ring or chain around your fingers will also draw attention to your nail look.



2017 Nail Trend #4: Ombré Nails

Ombré nails look beautiful and are still quite subtle. This cocktail-inspired pink-to-red hued look is just one example of how to create this nail idea. There are so many different styles to try out within this trend. For example, if you want to be loud and stand out you can select a rainbow of shades to add to your nails. The key to getting this right is to make sure the tones all blend seamlessly together to create that ‘sunset’ mingled feel. You can go from dark to light, or light or dark from the base of your nail – just as long as all the shades you choose are gradually going from one to the other,  you’ll nail it.


Other Nail Ideas

If you prefer simple nails, opt instead for a color in a matte finish. Matte nails will continue to be a trend into 2017, so while they’re fashion-forward, they’re also more understated. Neutral and nude tones are elegant, feminine and still very current looking. They also coordinate with anything you’ll wear or any makeup and hair choices you make. So if you’re struggling to put it all together, opt for beige, pale rose or champagne nails and you can’t go wrong.

If you want to create natural looking nails without the fuss, a French manicure will look timeless and pretty with any dress you choose. Black or white nails will also stand out as unique nail choices and are simple to match up with everything else.

You can also take the opportunity to show off your fun side: tuxedo nails are a cute nod to your prom date, while you can also find letter and number nail stickers or embellishments if you want to commemorate the big event in a unique way – written across your nails!

Need more nail inspiration? Check out our special prom nail Pinterest board for even more ideas, as well as further hair/makeup and dress inspiration too. Don’t forget to read our latest Influencer & Expert‘ interview with Melanie Kruger who has dished out her secrets for formal dressing, just in time for prom.

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